WOW Workholding

“Wow Workholding” was founded by Rian Solutions Inc. to develop, manufacture and sell quick change workholding systems for the metal cutting industry. Through extensive research and development, we have planned, designed, tested and validated a quick change system that will allow your machinists to change parts on their machines in minutes and would not require them to perform any special alignment procedures saving you both extended time and money. It will also allow manufacturing companies to develop an automation system for your machines that would allow you to use standardized fixtures on all your machines. This both increases your flexibility and reduces manufacturing costs dramatically.


Wow Workholding products are proudly made in Canada by Rian Solutions, and prides itself in precision and quality. Rian Solutions is committed to ensuring customers have worry free work holding solutions.

Precision Stands

Rian solutions prides itself with offering customers a wide variety of WOW Workholding stand heights and sizes to ensure worry free work holding.

Wow Workholding stands accommodate the M10, M12, M16 and M24 workholding systems.

Our goal is to help you build predictable set up times, to keep your spindles cutting your product.

Our stands are held to 0.005mm tolerance in overall height.

Ask us about our custom stands. We can accommodate heights from 40 - 400mm.

Base Plates & Palettes

Rian Solutions offer a wide variety of WOW Workholding base plates.

From plates that mount directly on the machine table, to removable plates to accommodate small parts, they are all treated with the same value and attention to give our customers repeatable and predictable machining solutions.

We offer our customers plates in a variety of sizes from the M6 pallet plates at 176mm X 176mm up to M16 base plates at 1500mm X 1200mm.

Precision Rings

All of our rings are machines to have a predetermined and calculated pre-load when tightened. This helps ensure the part is rigid in the stand and repeatable between operations.

We offer a wide variety of sizes, including risers to add clearance when needed.

Why Choose WOW Workholding


  • Increase spindle time
  • Reduce setup time
  • Increase profits
  • Access to all 5 sides
  • Reduce your lead time
  • Interrupt and restart programs


  • Ability to interrupt and restart
  • Accomodate engineering changes
  • Your part will not move in manufacturing
  • Set up is established in CAM
  • Reduce scrap


  • WOW system creates manufacturing datum
  • Ability to pull from machine to machine
  • Simple set ups for all skill levels

Steps For Effective Execution

  1. Set up a standard Work Holding system
  2. Assemble an approved tool list
  3. Vet programming templates
  4. Educate staff